Stick RPG 2 Game

SRPG2HeaderStick RPG 2 is a traditional role-playing flash game, where you act as a single character – a stick man. The world of Stick Rpg 2 is very big and it is created in a good 3D environment. When you start the game for the first time you found yourself in a crowded place, where you can interact with other characters. Your mission is to make your character stronger by upgrading his skills. This can be done by completing different quests.  Stick RPG 2 is the second version of the game, and if we compare it to the previous version ( which had 2D graphics) we will notice a lot of new features. For example, here, the world is much bigger and you can interact with more objects and characters.  The gameplay seem to be upgraded as well. Stick Rpg 2 is the most popular role-playing flash game that you can find on the internet, that’s why people all over the world enjoy it every day.This game is also available at if you can’t load it here. Another useful feature of the game is the Save Game option. Now you do not need to start the game from the beginning everytime you want to play it. All you have to do is to register an account and save the game progress there, so you can access you account anytime you want and play your favorite game.

Here we have the complete version of Stick Rpg 2 so I am sure you will have great time playing the game at